There are days that creep by slowly.

Morning comes before my eyes are ready

and bedtime comes long after it’s due.

I find the clock one time too many,

linger in a chair long enough to want to stay,

bury myself in stickers on walls and princess clothes,

gather train tracks and crumb covered fingers,

and manage to breathe it all in.

Because these days that drift, long after they should have cascaded along?

They tumble into years,

into high chairs in storage and cribs coming down,

into preschool cubby holes and toothless grins,

into giddy sleepovers and asking for car keys,

into a quiet life of wondering…

how they ever blurred passed at all.

My littlest man, growing up faster than my heart can take in. 

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  1. Miri says

    It is so true. I think it’s a universal mom feeling. The older they get, the less they seem to need you, and the less you feel like a mother.

    But they really never stop needing you, and you never stop being a mother. You only mother differently.
    Miri recently posted..Magazine Worthy

  2. says

    OMG that was beautiful.
    I am at that place right now, my baby growing from a tiny infant to a big girl. A one year old in just two weeks.
    This was so perfect for how I’m feeling.

  3. Nana says

    So sad to say…been there, done that, and you can’t have those seconds, minutes, hours or days back. Just watch in amazement as your adult children flourish and find their own way in this world.

  4. says

    Some days feel like they take forever and others seem to fly by. I can’t believe the changes I see in my kids each day.

  5. says

    Beautiful words to express what many of us feel! Love the pic of your happy, smiling little man. All we can do is soak it all in as best we can, right? oxox

  6. says

    It’s so very true. I took my oldest three to a basketball game last night and while it was a total blast, part of me was sad that they aren’t little anymore. They are big kids and so independent. It’s a bittersweet thing, this parenting gig. Beautiful words.
    Stacey recently posted..Stacey’s Mayhem Management Tip 8

  7. says

    The journey that is motherhood never ceases to amaze me. There are days that seem to drag by so slowly, but then there have been years that passed in a blink of an eye.
    This fall? My youngest will be started kindergarten and my oldest will be a freshmen in high school. Where did the time go?
    Natalie recently posted..Friends with the Words

  8. says

    It’s crazy how sometimes it seems like it goes so slow, yet so fast. I still can’t believe my youngest is 16 months. I looked at a picture of Lanagan as a baby the other day, then glanced at him and I was amazed at how much he’d grown & changed. It does really fly by…
    Elena recently posted..My Little Swimmer