The Mommy Pull

I always envied it when we were trying to get pregnant.

The Mommy Pull.

I know my daughter had it when she was young, to some extent, but those days are long gone now.

I could not wait for it again.

My eyes would watch with envy as the pull was created.

A tugging force from babies and toddlers to mom, their mom

That instance that draws a baby to reach for familiar, pushes a toddler to run for open arms.

That knowing the one person who can whisper comfort, dry tears, cure boo-boos…

Is you.

I longed to have that.

When it came?

There was nothing sweeter.

And I’m glad it’s still here.

But there are days when I worry if my Mommy Pull is enough.  Can I crank out the smiles? Cure the boo-boos? Dry the tears?

For right now, yes.

For always, no.

So I take right now and soak it up.

Fill time with whispers of “Mommy’s here” to soothe an ache and fill space with hugs and kisses and squeezes of I-love-you-more-than-life-itself.

Because I do.

And because time is going to keep on moving faster and space is going to keep on getting wider.

And my Mommy Pull has to be strong enough to remind them to look back once in a while as they are busy moving forward.

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  1. says

    Aww.. that's so beautiful. I love your writing Jessica! __I'm envious of that – I want it so bad. We're planning on starting to try for a baby in the spring of next year. I want to be a mommy so bad.____p.s. That is an adorable picture__p.p.s. Thank you for the sweet and wonderful comment you left on my blog yesterday!

  2. Leighann says

    beautifully written.
    The mommy pull is just starting in my house.
    My daughter also has a strong bond with her dad, which is great, but can make a mommy jealous.
    I hope the mommy pull stays forever.