How to make the most of Pinterest group boards

A few months ago I felt like I was losing Pinterest followers. I still don’t completely understand how they keep count but I noticed that I was gaining followers but my numbers weren’t changing so I must have been losing them. With a little investigating I found out that I must be turning some people away by my use of group boards and discovered how to make the most out of Pinterest group boards.

optimize your use of group boards

1. Less is more– Join group boards selectively. Only accept invitations to boards that have either a greater following than your own Pinterest account or a following that is likely to have much different followers than your own boards.

2. Find your niche(s)– Start your own board for the specific things that you would like to be known for or seem to write about often. Ask others to join who also write about these topics. For example, I often write about autism and grief so I have a separate group board for each and invited other bloggers to join who also blog about these specific topics.

3. Promote, promote, promote– If you create a group board and invite others, ask them to promote the board in return. The best way to do this is to create a quick badge for your board and have the members of your board post this button on their sites, linking to your group board.

Here is the badge I create for our Autism Parents on Pinterest group:

4. The one with the most followers should create the group board– If you and a group of bloggers are planning to start a board together, the person with the most followers on Pinterest should be the one to create the board. Why? Because all of the people who are “following all” of that person’s Pinterest boards will automatically be following your group board. For example, if I have 6,000 followers and 3,000 of those people are following all of my boards, any group board I create will automatically start out with 3,000 followers.

5. Don’t duplicate!– This is where belonging to select, targeted group boards is important. If you and your other group members pin the same post to all of the group boards all of you belong to at once then all of your followers are going to see the same posts repeated in their feed as many times as you have pinned them. There’s no easier way to lose followers on Pinterest than to clog the whole screen with the same images from your own account. This is exactly why I think I lost some followers earlier this year. I belonged to way too many groups with similar goals “Moms who blog,” “Moms who write,” “Mom bloggers,” etc., so when I pinned the same post to each of these group boards everyone who followed me or the others I was on these boards with saw all of the same posts over and over again.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. And if you want to follow me on Pinterest you can find me here.



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