How to make a no-sew Spiderman Costume

how to make a spiderman costume

Parker has hit the age where he is obsessed with superheroes and dressing up like them. Not only does he love them he seems to switch from favorite to favorite to one more favorite with each passing day. By the time we bought the Batman costume he was already asking for Green Lantern, Superman and Spiderman. Aside from the cost of all these costumes is the fact that when he wants one he wants it right. this. minute. So I knew my non-sewing self had to come up with a solution.

Both boys had just outgrown pajamas in Spiderman blue so went to work on creating something from those. I turned them inside out to get rid of the pattern and then dug through my bin of shirts to sell or giveaway for something red and found two red t-shirts (thank goodness!).

So here’s how we did it in about 10 minutes with a cost of $0:

1. Lay the red t-shirt over top of a blue long-sleeved shirt. (You could also use a long sleeve red shirt, cutting in the same pattern as I did with the short sleeve. You will actually have even more fabric to work with when you move to making the boots or even arm cuffs.)

first step spiderman

2. Cut about 3-4 inches parallel to the waist on each side of the shirt then upwards towards the neckline, cutting off the sleeves.

spiderman step two

3. Put thick paper or cardboard in between the layers of the red shirt and draw a simple spider with permanent marker. I cheated and pulled out a Spiderman coloring book as an example.

spiderman logo

4. Save the discarded arm pieces and use them as Spiderman boots. I secured them to the pajama pant legs with Krylon spray adhesive but you can use tape or just press them to the pants. (When I made a second set I kept them detached and my youngest used them as Spiderman “gloves”).

spiderman boots side

spiderman shoes

5. Layer the outfit with the blue pajamas first then the red pieces and let your little Spiderman enjoy!

spiderman costume



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