Cooking Without Kids

I have a new goal in life.

My goal is to make dinner.

Not just stir, measure, chop and simmer, but do so without someone climbing up my yoga pants designer jeans while someone else knots my pony tail perfectly coiffed hair.

So I’ve started to break out the Pinterest activities right before I begin cooking dinner in hopes of hypnotizing creatively engaging my children with a new activity, giving me a few quiet minutes to try new recipes that they will refuse to eat anyway for us to enjoy.

My first attempt was the race track created by The Mother Huddle.

I would rather you not look at her pictures before mine because she has fantastically creative details like parking spaces and a dashed line in the road.

There were kids climbing on my head. I did the best I could.

I enlisted the teenager to help tape the outline of a track,

gathered the appropriate parties at the start line,

and let them loose.

I cooked dinner to the echo of VROOMS

the twirl of tutus

and the occasional “Moooom, his toe is touching my knee.”

because no activity is THAT good.




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  1. says

    What an excellent way to let the kids have fun, while you get to do what you love. Simple ideas can go far just some tape, a maze, then there few favorite toys. Awesome

    • Jessica says

      Painting the concrete is genius. Too bad Pinterest wasn\’t around back then, your mom would have been a hit.

  2. says

    Wow what a great idea! I need to start paying more attention to the pins people put up. I’m a passive pinner currently. I completely know what you mean though. I would love to cook for the sake of cooking not for the pressure of getting it done “now!” because people are hungry and having them not eat it anyway!
    Marta recently posted..Let’s Talk About the Serious Stuff: Self Worth

    • Jessica says

      Pinterest can help you with dinner too. My time spent there has been well worth it, I have found so much good stuff.

  3. says

    This whole attempt to actually do stuff from Pinterest and then blogging about them has me feeling all at once excited and overwhelmed. So far, I’ve only tackled cooking new recipes. Which I then forgot to photograph and link up with Julie. ::Le sigh::

    But still… cooking I can do. Actual activities? Terrify the bejeesus out of me. But this was a great idea, and relatively simple!

    Maybe there’s hope for my Pinterest projects after all.
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Off the Market

  4. says

    That’s pretty good! What a great activity, and I think yours looks fabulous! I have a racetrack rug that my son ignores, but I think something that takes up the entire floor might actually entertain him for 15 minutes!
    Barbara recently posted..Clear the Roads….

    • Jessica says

      Oh my gosh, that couch is a mess. It has barely survived the last few years but we love it so I\’m only saving it to get it redone.

  5. Jamie says

    Cooking dinner means the boys are watching a show and the babies are in a stationary toy of some sort. This seems much more brain worthy!

    The part about them not eating it anyway…. ohmygodsotrue!!!
    Jamie recently posted..TWOsdays | new link-up!

  6. says

    Wow! That is a great idea. I have the same dilemma as you, but Donut is too little to entertain herself right now. If I can hold on a bit longer, one of these days we might be able to enjoy a meal!
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..We Eat Books

    • Jessica says

      Oh you are in the years of having to hold them on one hip while you try to cook with the other hand. My youngest is still coming out of that phase.

    • Jessica says

      They loved it and we have kept it up for weeks, much more durable and less expensive than the race tracks in stores.


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