Every Little Girl’s Dream

Recently we were given an amazing invitation to attend Hob Nobble Gobble, a charity event held inside Ford Field in Detroit. I have heard about this event for years, the entire football field is transformed into an indoor carnival, black-tie style. To say we were excited to be invited is an understatement BUT

I rarely do things like this, it’s a late night for the kids, a long drive, I have nothing to wear… there are a million excuses in my much-more-comfortable-at-home brain.

For once I said yes

I wore more than just lipgloss and mascara, bought a dress I am still dreaming about and high-heeled it out of my comfort zone.

hob nobble gobble

We won every prize because you couldn’t lose,

balloon hat

rode every ride we could talk the kids into,


tested out gravity (I skipped this one, flowing dress + steep incline = a no longer kid-friendly event),

high slide

drowned ourselves in sugar long past bedtime,


and smiled until cheeks hurt and eyelids fluttered.

circus glasses

On round 362 of rides, I felt that bittersweet flash of what life would be like if Hadley were here, how much she would love this too

roller coaster

but I closed my eyes and smiled because riding a roller coaster in an evening gown and 4 inch heels

roller coaster ride

is every little girls dream.


Linking up for What I Wore Wednesday:

pleated poppy

black cocktail dressMe: Black evening gown- BCBG Crazy-high heels- Target

dressed up

On the little ones: Head to toe Target

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  1. says

    What a fun event – I am so glad you all got to go. Hadley is always with you – I agree with the comment that she was smiling to see you all so happy. And I agree with the comments that you all look great! Take care.
    Lanie recently posted..Irked & Irritated

    • says

      I had plans to shop and shop for the kids outfits and ran in Target for something and knew I was not taking them in one more store. Thank goodness I found them cute stuff. McKenna\’s dress was $12!

  2. tulpen says

    What a neat event!!

    And you looked fabulous! A little jealous though… tried on a fancy-ish dress today and thought; “Wait a sec! I don’t have lumps THERE!!”

    Oh yes I do.


  3. says

    Your family is just stunning. I love your dress :) Ryan’s holiday party this year is at the Gem and semi-formal, and I am having the hardest time finding something I like :(

    What an amazing event!

  4. says

    I would break a leg in high heels (and also be taller than Bill which he does not like since he chooses to believe he’s 5’10” – shhhh…..)

    Maybe I could pull off McKenna’s shoes though.
    That strap looks sturdy!

    p.s. You are all adorable. Cheers to 362 rides and a good night’s sleep afterward…
    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me well-matched

  5. Deidre~ says

    WoW! You look beautiful!! It certainly looks as though a great time was had by all! Its so much fun to play dress up sometimes even for us “BIG GIRLS” :) Thank You for sharing this!
    Deidre~ recently posted..Old Time "Christmas Sleds"

  6. says

    So amazing you got to attend that event – I’ve heard it’s a ton of fun! And you definitely deserve to have a fun night out once in awhile. Plus, we all need an excuse to dress up and not feel totally mom-like, right?

    You all looked fabulous.
    Mrs. Weber recently posted..I’m Seeing Stars

  7. Courtney @ The Mommy Matters says

    You look beautiful! What a fun night! And I’m sure your sweet angel was enjoying every bit of your fun and excitement with you.
    Courtney @ The Mommy Matters recently posted..Watch. Wait. Pray.

  8. says

    Great pictures! I love that you had to wear black tie to the carnival.

    The picture of Parker and Hubby in the glasses is adorable! And of course your dress was gorgeous.
    Jessica recently posted..Woman’s Worth

    • says

      I will mail them to you, I will NEVER walk in them again. I can do heels but they were way too high for a night on my feet with kids.

  9. says

    First, you all look awesome! Second, I’ve heard great things about hob nobble gobble. A girl I worked with on the TEDxDetroit conference – her hubby is always in the parade & they take their kids every year. What a great night out! Sometimes it’s fun to break the bedtime rules. Trust me – I rarely do as well!

    • says

      It was amazing, truly one of those things that we would never get to do without an invite from a family member and totally worth breaking the bedtime rules for.