A Beautiful Mess

I wrote this a while back for What to Expect but found myself in need of reading it today, maybe a few of you do too…


Balancing the plastic tiara that dangles from my head, I turn for a clip-on princess earring. My three year-old fastens it to the top of my ear, grinning at her progress.

I can only imagine what I look like right now. No time to even change out of my pajamas, showering has become an unattainable dream today. I brushed my teeth, I think, and a steady flow of coffee has kept my eyes open through breakfast and lunch and snack.

My kitchen sink is towering with dishes and there is nothing thawed for dinner.

Cries and protests replaced what should have been naptime and my lap has not been empty for a moment.

My checkbook lays open on the counter, a streak of ink across a half-written check. A pleading toddler pushed my arm as I tried to pay a few bills.

Toys topple over my legs as I sit in defeat. I cannot accomplish anything today so we will spend the rest of daylight dressing as princesses and connecting trains, pushing dump trucks and toppling blocks.

Trying to stop a to-do list from scrolling through my brain, I concentrate on the knobby knees and clumsy hands at my feet. The last of today’s sun peaks through the window. I watch it shine on a tuft of blonde that managed to escape my little boy’s pirate hat.

My daughter tilts my head. A second dangling earring is ready for application. As I lean towards her, sloppy toddler kisses meet my cheek and I cradle my youngest in return. Eyes beaming with pride, my daughter steps back to admire her creation.

“You are a beautiful, beautiful princess, Mommy.”

Suddenly I am content, my house a castle of thriving children and beautiful messes.

I have accomplished everything worth doing today.

mom and daughter laughing

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  1. says

    I like material like this. This is a fantastic post and I genuinely enjoyed reading it. You’ve got an original style that makes your tips stand out from other writers.

  2. Ariana Lemarr says

    The photograph reflects perfect moment of mother and daughter. I didn’t know much about clip-on earrings. I guess, the tiara seems a nice accessory for the head. I love the lines: “You are a beautiful, beautiful princess, Mommy.” Thanks for the interesting post.
    Ariana Lemarr recently posted..Acheter lunette de tir

  3. Shanon says

    I love the pics. The one created from your words and the one created from your camera. Thanks for this!

  4. says

    This is a great reminder that through the busy schedules, loads of laundry, piles of dishes, and never enough money there is the ones we do it for.
    Thank you Jessica.
    Leighann recently posted..11 Questions

  5. says

    This is so beautiful and such a good reminder. It is so hard to stay in the moment and be content. So. Hard. Thank you for this.

  6. Rosy Stinson says

    You’ve such a lovely daughter. And as your lovely daughter says “you’re a beautiful, beautiful princess.”
    I loved the photograph and the article even more.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Rosy Stinson recently posted..how to pick up girls

  7. The Anecdotal Baby says

    Wow! Beautifully captured. I had exactly this day today, well, close. I’m realizing just how much messes are unimportant and living is truly the only important. Thanks for the reminder!
    The Anecdotal Baby recently posted..My Top 10 Uses for Vinegar

  8. says

    Thank you for sharing – you have reminded me to enjoy the “rock star hair” my twins try to create and forget the laundry ( which will be there long after they are asleep).

    Sending you hugs and good thoughts today and always. Take care.

  9. says

    I love that picture! It’s such a sweet moment.

    Your kids won’t remember the mes, that you couldn’t take a shower, or that dinner wasn’t perfect. What they will remember is that you are always there for them.

  10. Traci says

    It’s so great when kids put things into perspective. Never forget that you are her princess.

  11. says

    When we do the girls’ hair after bath, we let them look in the mirror and tell them they look beautiful. They’ve recently started coming up to both hubby and me, mess with our hair, and say, “We’re making you beautiful!” It really is the cutest thing, to watch two little girls play with your husband’s hair on the floor “making him beautiful”, especially when said husband does not ever ever ever like anybody touching his hair.
    Amy recently posted..From Pinterest to Real Life