My Perma-Wardrobe

I sort of have a mom-style.

I call it Something With A T-Shirt.

Jeans and a t-shirt.

Leggings with a long t-shirt.

Shorts with a t-shirt.

Always partnered with a pair of shoes that make running after my children possible.

I was considering expanding my wardrobe until I received this…

old navy t shirt

an Old Navy BEST-TEE.

Since I am an expert on The T-Shirt Wardrobe I can say, after all of my research, this top is the most comfortable tee I’ve worn in a long time as in: Can I wear it today, sleep in it, wash it real quick then wait at the dryer until I can put it on again?

Even my kids loved rubbing their faces in it, or they just can’t peel themselves off me, not sure which.

kids with mom

Anyway, I will be heading to Old Navy today to get the Old Navy BEST-TEE in every color for myself, my kids and my husband since they make them for all of us in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.

It’s necessary.

And if I was a pet person I would be begging Old Navy to make one for my goldfish too.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Old Navy and received a product sample to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”




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  1. says

    Love Old Navy. I’m into any piece of clothing that allows me to keep up with my three year old boy. You look great, by the way! Very functional and cute mommy gear! I live in L.A. and I have seen it all. I’ve seen moms at the playground wearing heels in the sand. Coupled with skirts so low that bending over is difficult. All the while they are trying to attend to their kids. I’m not even kidding! Thanks for taking the time to show us we can look good and be practical!
    The Mommy Psychologist recently posted..PMS Turns Mommy Into a Monster

    • says

      I was in a trendy downtown area the other day and saw a mom wearing a bikini top and low cut long skirt while pushing a stroller, she was in great shape for it but not exactly practical-wear! I’m always trying to find a balance between cute and functional.

  2. Robin @ Farewell, Stranger says

    I have one of those in bright pink and I absolutely love it. Ditto all that – I sleep in it too.

    Love the scarf too – it’s nice and long.
    Robin @ Farewell, Stranger recently posted..Let’s Go Fly a Kite