The Swagger Wagon

I don’t mind my minivan.

I’m happy when I push the little button and the doors open,

and when I can climb through row after row, buckling kids in with the doors closed so no one sees the crushed crackers and upended sippy cups littering the floor.

But I only love it when I’m driving.

Behind the wheel,

pretending it isn’t really a minivan, and I did not actually reach the point in my life where function COMPLETELY out-weighs fashion.

So when I was contacted by The Suburban Collection to participate in their Social Test Drive program I tried to play it as cool as a minivan-driving-mom can play it and answer calmly when they asked if I wanted to turn my minivan in for a long weekend with a GMC Yukon Denali XL.

Aside from the fact that I thought of sleeping in it for the weekend, here are a few of my favorite features:

choo choo wagon

Unbelievable amount of trunk space. Do you know how big a Choo Choo wagon is?

yukon dashboard

User-friendly dashboard that even I could figure out without having to spend the evening in a parking lot pushing buttons hoping they didn’t open the sun roof.

sleeping 4 year old

Very smooth ride (as in, all of my kids fell asleep and I could tweet read a book while sitting in the back without getting carsick).


And it’s pretty, as in beautiful inside and out, gorgeous leather interior, sleek exterior.

Last but SO not least, here’s a look at the inside of our cracker-crumb-holder-on-wheels vs. our luxury-ride-for-a-weekend with a slight time lapse.


There may have been tears when we turned in the keys.

And they were not from the children.

kids waving




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  1. says

    Fairly good publish. I just now discovered your website and also wished to point out that We have actually loved checking your site posts. Of course We will be following as part of your feed so i we imagine you generate one more time as soon as possible!

  2. AizaMay says

    Great video! Anyway, this looks really useful and functional…The minivan can be perfect when going out with the whole family…
    AizaMay recently posted..Biography

  3. says

    Thank you for your time and effort in posting this review.

    We enjoyed having you participate in our Social Test Drive.

    Part of the program includes picking who will be next, so send us your suggestions!

  4. says

    They are awesome I agree! We drive a Honda – just two of us now, but when my brother fly’s in to visit with his family my friend lends me her Yukon because our Honda just won’t do! I hate to give it back too!
    Jen recently posted..Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3/25

  5. Carol says

    The Denali looks great, and of course the kids are adorable. I can see why you didn’t want to give it back!