There’s No Place Like Home

I shower as the sun rises and before they realize it is a new day.

Closing my laptop and vowing not to open it again, I gather the first of sleepy heads into my lap and watch his feet dangle, ever closer to the floor.

There have been too many have to’s and one more minute’s and Mommy’s busy’s lately.

Today the sippy cups are filled, snacks are packed and we are heading out to do what they want.

As I lift from his crib the only one who still needs lifting, I crouch down and bring them all close.

Top-secret-mission-like I explain: We can do whatever you want. Go wherever you want to go, we don’t have to do anything today. Where should we go first?

My bright eyed little toddler, the one who can spot a bounce house hiding behind a sprawling grocery store and a park in the pitch dark and pouring rain, is the first one to put in his request.

The basement!! 

My four year-old’s whole body exclaims: Can I never, never change out of my pajamas?!!

Where’s my Barbie ballet dress? asks the last of them as she saunters off.

And they are gone, sliding down stairs, planning how Buzz will save Barbie and then we will all have a Mr. Potato Head grocery store…

in the one place they unanimously agree on spending a wide open do-anything-you-want day.



If you’re staying in here’s something fun to try…

puppet theater

1. Grab an old sheet and cut a rectangular hole in the upper middle of the sheet.

2. Hang the sheet in any doorway in your home, making sure the rectangular area is eye-level with your kids. I used painter’s tape to secure it to the walls so that I can take it down at any time.

Tip: Hang it in a doorway near anything you need to get done. I put ours up between the kitchen and the living room when I need to cook dinner. Instead of the kids being at my feet they put on a puppet show. Winning :).

watching puppet show

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  1. Elena says

    That is so true! I appreciate and love going to different places but there’s just no place like home. I’m always excited to go home to see my son, sleep in my own bed and have the privacy, peace and quiet that no other place can offer.
    Elena recently help

  2. says

    It is so fun when the kids are excited about playing in their own home. The ‘have to’s’ and other commitments can be just so much sometimes. Finding a balance is the tricky part & I often feel like I don’t do very well with it. It’s a work in progress with me!
    Elena recently posted..What Do You Speak For?

  3. says

    With your hands always full, it’s really difficult to do a balancing act.
    I love looking at that photo. It’s so… real. That’s what life is supposed to be all about. Pure, simple joy.
    I love staying home with my kid too. She also likes it when I tell her that we can do absolutely anything on a blessed day.
    The Pepperrific Life recently posted..Pain Management in Children

  4. Charlenevans09 says

    I love the title of your blog here! And I definitely agree with it..there’s no place like home. It’s feel like heaven when your far away for long time and get to back home.
    Charlenevans09 recently posted..gloves

  5. says

    My 2 always pick to stay home in their pjs too. I have to confess I find those days hard b/c I can’t seem to ignore the laundry, the dinner or whatever other projects which I seem very capable of ignoring if we are not home.
    Lanie recently posted..The Triathlon

  6. says

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    And this is why I don’t even blink when my friends give me that look that says, “Seriously?!?” when I admit that we don’t do day camp or sports camp or summer school or anything else that’s scheduled all summer long.

    All. Summer. Long.
    We are home. (Or wherever else we want to be.)

    Because sometimes we can’t choose what happens to us or where we are in this life.
    So when we can? We do.

    Good for you, my friend.
    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me enough

  7. says

    So sweet. My toddler and I spend A LOT of time at home. Like today. He wanted to wear pajamas and take a walk around the neighborhood. And so we did. And it was wonderful.
    Julia recently posted..Over The Moon

  8. says

    I find balance by sometimes skipping the scheduled activities. Like today we had a busy weekend so I skipped music class. It just felt nicer to spend the time at home.
    Julia recently posted..Brightside

  9. says

    I would totally get along with your kids. Yesterday I had the day all to myself and could have done anything I wanted. I sat in my pj’s in my favorite chair and read all day long. It was heaven.
    Jennifer recently posted..Project 365, Week 18

  10. says

    My kids quiver with delight on p-jammy day too. We’ve gained balance (as much as possible) by limiting our activities, always with the understanding that life has to include downtime (we purposefully work naptimes into our weekend). The trade off is not as many sports games, not as many “skills” being drilled into our kids at a young age, but we prefer to look at it as building strong relationships with family and learning the skills that help keep us together and the kids mentally stable.
    Mom On A Line recently posted..A Yupper Honeymoon

  11. Corey Feldman says

    Balance can be hard. Let’s face it life it full of have to’s. My wife and I didn’t grow up with much a a Jewish education, but we joined and very Jewish community. At some point we started taking Shabbat more and more seriously. We stop running errands. Took to kid to shul, made lunch plans with friends. We took a day were there was no running around. For the most part if we can’t drive there, we don’t go. We play out side, have lunch at friends. We meet up with other families in the community and just have a day of community and family. It gives a a break in our weekend that we never felt we had.
    Corey Feldman recently posted..Egret and Sam go for a swim

  12. says

    That is what happened to us yesterday. Every weekend has been full of running around and not really any relaxation. Yesterday we just hung out at home all day until we decided to go out for dinner. Sometimes it is so nice to just break away from the normal hustle and bustle and just stay in your pjs all day (or most of the day) and shut the rest of the world out.
    Jayme recently posted..Stikii – Why Can’t Shoes Be Fun?

  13. says

    I love that they picked staying at home. My kids definitely get tired of always going from one errand to another errand. Its definitely hard to find a balance! Especially because I have the one day to get so much done since I try to keep the weekends for family time and work the other four days!
    Marta recently posted..From the Beginning.

  14. says

    I love this. At this point, my twins are too young to make requests, and seem just as contect with a run to Target as they are with a trip to the zoo, but I do find my self having to force myself to put away the lap top, or put off the dishes so that I am there and present with them, whatever it is we are doing. :)
    Ashleigh recently posted..Ocular Albinism

  15. says

    Balance… It is an ongoing struggle. Some days are better then others. But lately, I would take a stay-cation over a vacation any day. I am one of those rare people looking forward to summer and the kids home from school… simply because we can be home more…
    Kate F. recently posted..Wonder, Friend…

  16. says

    Home is definitely my favorite place to be too. I love that your kids picked to be home for the day.

    Some days I have balance, other days everything is chaotic and crazy and I can’t seem to catch my breath.
    Runnermom-jen recently posted..One Hour a Day