Tucked Away

Today I asked the kids what they want to be when they grow up.

This is my finest parchment paper, my favorite pen. It is mine but it is theirs.

I seal their answers here, fold them carefully and tuck them into a porcelain memory box, my snapshot of now.


Ashlyn turned in my general direction to say, “what Mom?” managing to roll her eyes and turn her head, headphones still balanced mid ear, iPod humming.

teen with laptop

Sawyer wants to be a monkey and asked for the Monkey Song so incessantly I had to pause all questioning to turn it on.

boy behind wall

Parker will be a helicopter, of course.

boy laughing

And McKenna wants to wear my wedding dress while she drives a black mini-van.

girl smiling

I’m living the life dreams are made of.

Folded, tucked away.


After I find a way to reach the gas pedal under all this tulle I will be over at Truthful Mommy’s place sharing a truth I have learned about motherhood.

And, with an apron on to protect my beading and satin, I made an easy Father’s Day craft over at SheKnows that I would love for you to try.



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    • says

      A cereal maker? That’s the first I’ve ever heard of that one. Although I don’t know anyone else who has dreams of driving a minivan in a wedding dress either.

  1. says

    Oh I love it. I will love to see how their answers change through time.

    I will go home and ask mine. Last I did Ben said he wanted to be a daddy. Quite simply that was all that he wanted to be. I feel Bella with her little realization of the question will likely respond with Minnie. Because lately she is all about Minnie.
    Marta recently posted..I Try.

  2. says

    They are so sweet! I’ve always wondered about the imagination and fascinating fantasy of the children. Wearing a wedding dress while driving a black van? A helicopter? Sounds a little bit trippy:)
    Lena recently posted..Sorge fürs Sommer Baby

  3. says

    My oldest is asking to go to sleep away camp. My middle is going through a, um, phase. And, #3 spends all day in a luchador wrestling match pretending to be a caped mercenary who gets into melees with 17th century ominous villains (this is a direct quote from when I asked him what he was doing). Life is so different and so much more awesome than I ever imagined it would be.
    dumb mom recently posted..A Life Without Instagram is No Life for Me.

  4. Jewell says

    Let them dream for everything they want..I know when they grow old it will actually change. Your children are all beautiful, they are lucky to have a mom like you.
    Love the photos!
    Jewell recently posted..Home Page

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      Today they got married. To each other. The helicopter, the monkey and the minivan driving bride. This is serious business to them :).

  5. says

    Seriously, who doesn’t want to wear their Mother’s wedding dress and drive a black mini-van? Sadly, mine is green and my Mom is only 5’1″. It’s not happening for me.
    Mark recently posted..Dinner with Friends