I am twisting on a sippy cup lid and gulping coffee because I have two asking for breakfast and a camp lunch that may have to be packed using my feet.

Two days ago I was in New York, a manicurist asking me what design I wanted.

“Design? Is there a plain color I can try? Something neutral, pale, light pink?”

“No,” she told me, “we are only offering designs” as she motioned towards a display of animal prints, checkered patterns and glitter. I picked the least flashy, a bright pink tone, papered with nothing but glitter.

I didn’t notice them much in New York, they matched my glow necklaces at parties, drowned in the dim light of the hotel lobby and moved quickly over my phone as I text friends I had just met but had known forever. My hands moved as I told stories that needed no beginning or end and when I readjusted my badge so my long-read favorites could match my name with my face and never once did I consider my glitter.

Knocked over by hugs and miss you‘s and finding my way to my husband’s cheek for a Happy Anniversary, I love you Honey, I saw them again. Flashy and bright and calling for a bottle of polish remover, a contrast to the life I had just reentered.

I have left them sparkling for two days, going on three now. They have made breakfast, lunch and dinner, turned the pages of bedtime stories and glamorously wiped behinds. Their glittery reflection catches my eye and remind me how necessary they are.

Somewhere between uninterrupted conversations over wine and faces pressed against the bathroom door while I pee at the speed of light, I decided to leave them be.

I found a place of giving my family everything but saving a little piece for me, decorating it with shiny pink and glittery accents, folding it into my life for safe keeping and leaving it on until the last of it’s shimmer wears away.

A reminder of the parts of me that need no reminder, the wife and mom and sippy cup-filler

and the parts of me that do, the writer, the friend and the woman who needed a little glitter more than she could have ever imagined.

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Up way past my usual bedtime with Fadra, Erin & Alex



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  1. says

    I love this, because I so get it. Glittery polish, a pair of new jeans, a flattering shirt…..they all at different times remind me that somewhere beneath my mommy hood lies my woman hood. So glad you had a lovely time at Blogher!
    Julia recently posted..All Birds Go To Heaven

  2. says

    How is it that reading about nail polish I can have tears in my eyes? Pretty sure you’re the only blogger that does that to me. This post made me very happy. We all need a little glitter every now and then…good for you.
    Jaime recently posted..Red Pens

  3. says

    I am in love with this post. The back and forth between your home life & weekend in NYC life is perfection. I’m so happy that you had the chance to go and that you had a great time. Hoping you’ll go again when it’s in Chicago!

  4. says

    You just took my breath away…again. This post is beautiful.
    I’m so glad we shared that very brief hug by the sparkly unicorn. I’m so glad you went. And I’m so happy to know you.
    Alysia recently posted..Drive My Car

  5. Courtney Kirkland says

    I’m so happy that you enjoyed yourself and were able to get some you time on your trip! I think we all need the reminder every once in a while that we have to have to give ourselves time to do the things we love and be the person we were BEFORE kids came along. Otherwise, we might go nuts. :)
    Courtney Kirkland recently posted..24 Week Bumpdate