Playing with food


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My children have always had a penchant for making messes,

especially with food.

From an early age we had to lock down the fridge, the cabinets and clear the counters of anything that looked remotely mess-worthy.

So, introducing crafts that use food to play with has never been something of interest to me.

They play with enough food without my encouragement.

When I found out about KRAFT’s new campaign Dinner not Art I was thrilled. Finally I could let them play with food on the computer and not have to mop, soak up or vacuum a single thing. And the best part? For each noodle placed in the KRAFT Dinner not Art app, Kraft dedicates 10 noodles to Feeding America.

We had a great time creating and coloring our noodles and turning them into art. I may have taken over just a bit and created this…

rainbow art

If I send it to my mom do you think she’ll hang it on the fridge? You know, because I’m sort of proud of my noodle-placement.

Either way, KRAFT’s Dinner not Art was fun to do with the kids (and without) and is a fantastic way to give back to Feeding America and have a good time doing it. Go create your noodle creation today and post it on KRAFT’s Facebook or Pinterest page…. almost as good as hanging it on your mom’s fridge.

As part of the DailyBuzz Moms Featured Publisher Program, I received a stipend from KRAFT in exchange for my participation in this program.



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  1. Born27 says

    The second photo reminds me of Maculay Culkin in the movie Home Alone.. He really looks like him! So adorable kid!

  2. says

    Jun loves playing with food…sounds like this app is fun!! Yet, we always seem to be the ones overexcited in this kind of things compared to the kids. They spend like 30 mins until something more interestinfg comes along. Faith always seems the ring leader at these ditch mommy’s boring game for something cooler. Lily and Natty are kinder, but they are older. (;
    Love the pictures, they look cute messing up. Faith doesnt play with food, my baby likes glitter. Sparkly, and ‘magical’.