Dear Ann Coulter

Dear Ann Coulter,

I am not a political blogger. I do not engage in political discussions on twitter, Facebook or any other platform. No one has any clue whether I’m a republican or a democrat, which way I will be voting this fall or my stance on Iraq.

But I am a supporter of kindness, of treating people with respect and dignity and of never degrading one population to uplift another.

coulter tweet

Last night I actually logged off twitter to avoid all the political banter but I woke up this morning to the firestorm of outrage your ignorant words created. You brought out the ugliness in so many, some supporting you who I will no longer be able to look at the same but most in disbelief that you would use such words to promote your public persona.

The saddest part is this, the group of people you so terribly insulted? Most would never say an ill word back. My daughter is one in that group and not only would she not retaliate against your statement but she would be the first person to give you a hug if she saw you upset by the backlash you have created. If you were so honored to have her friendship she would be upset that you are upset, she would defend you without question and she would show you unprejudiced kindness.

If only you were lucky enough to know her.

I have the honor of being her mom and the responsibility to stick up for her when she cannot stick up for herself or is unaware that she has been so wronged. And I have to say I feel bad for you, you’ve never experienced the amazingness that is a child like mine, you’ve never watched the inspiration that is a Special Olympics competition or felt the pride I feel when my daughter accomplishes something that most take for granted.

Because if you did? Maybe a little bit of her beauty would have stopped the ugliness that came out of your mouth.


One Lucky Mom

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  1. says

    Way to go, Mama Bear. You could have used so many other words to retaliate, but I think you did it in the spirit of your sweet daughter. You are a role model and leader for so many moms. It is an enormous responsibility, but even greater privilege to be the parent of a special needs child. I would really, really like to shove her broom back up her skinny rump.
    hilljean recently posted..HillJean’s Holiday Handbook: Surviving Fashion

  2. fleur des champs says

    Wonderful post!! thank you for your open letter to Ann Coulter! you are so right, and she is so wrong.
    I live in Europe and whenever I hear about her, it’s about a racist comment she’s made, or some statement totally devoid of humanity… She doesn’t want to see that diversity is beautiful and precious, and should be embraced with love, support and admiration.
    You have a lovely blog! :)

  3. says

    she constantly says such hateful things and I can’t tell if she truly believes them or if she knows the controversy will drive more book sales…and I think she’s single handedly driving more Republicans over to the other side with her hate speech…people don’t want to be associated with her at all….
    Did you hear her retort? She finally gave one, something along the lines of moron and stupid being in the same ballpark at retard and if we stop saying the R word we have to ban others too…
    Not a Perfect Mom recently posted..Flying High

  4. says

    I have written and rewritten my comment to this post several times. Jake would have been a special needs child and I always envisioned that he would be the sweetest little downs syndrome baby. I always thought I would be so lucky to be his mom. I am so saddened that there are people like Ann Coulter in the world. Hugs to you.
    Lanie recently posted..Life without you

  5. says

    One thing I thank her for – her comment did a lot of good for Obama (although I’m really sorry if you’re a Romney supporter and I’m invading your space with that comment).

  6. says

    I am speechless after reading her insensitive tweet. And the fact that she has used this word previously is just testament to how much of a hateful woman she is. I don’t want to give her any more of my time in thinking about her but I will share this, a beautiful response to her by John Franklin Stephens. You may have already seen this, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

    You are such a wonderful and beautiful mommy, Jessica, to a wonderful and beautiful little girl. XOXO
    Charlotte recently posted..NCD Editing

  7. says

    Oh my! I’m not on twitter often so I had no idea this even happened. I have no words – I can’t believe people still use these words. Your daughter is beautiful inside and out – Ann Coulter can’t claim either.
    Barbara recently posted..Noah is 10 Months

  8. says

    The woman’s 50, still squeezes into black cocktail dresses, drinks like a fish, cusses like a sailor, dated Bob Guccione Jr for a long time, and plays to the most extreme minds for a few bucks. She’s disgusting.

    People who used that word are either uneducated or mean-spirited aka dead inside. Ann Coulter has two degrees, She’s a zombie under that transluscent skin.

    You’re right. It’s not about politics. It’s about decency.
    Lance recently posted..Feel The Pain

  9. says

    Coulter’s tweet irked the hell out of me. What an idiot! So irresponsible. So disappointing. Thank you for writing this. I hope she reads it and is remorseful.
    Tonya recently posted..Hope

  10. says

    My daughter has picked this word up from school, and I HATE it. I’m working so hard to teacher that it is wrong, and she is working to overcome saying it. To have someone this influential make such a heartless statement is infuriating and sad.
    Jennifer recently posted..The understanding

  11. Nancy says

    Ann Coulter has never been know for her ability to speak eloquently.Just ignore her. We all know her feelings are never spoken with delicate lymerics. So sorry for all those who were offended and hurt.Being bipolar and having to listen to others digs in the media about a sickness most people have no real knowledge about, I understand your hurt. Not all bipolar people are ax murdering nut jobs, but you would never know it watching the writers of certain tv shows and news coverage of crimes if a bipolar person is involved.Even friends and family sometimes make those judgements. I am sure inside she meant one thing, but used a very poor equation to explain her point. She is fairly callous,as is a tremendous amount of the media, and I doubt she will change.

  12. Annie says

    You wrote about this so eloquently. Perhaps, you could teach Ann a thing or two in her ignorance. Ann is so full of words and yet she has no clue on how to be gracious. Thank you for remembering to be in this crazy world of ours.
    Bless you and your daughter ~She sounds amazing!

  13. says

    So awful. That woman…..well, I am outraged and I don’t have a special needs child. Just knowing all you lovely people who do has shown me how to empathize.

  14. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I hardly got through half of it before I had to stop to wipe away the tears that were blurring my vision. People are so careless with words, and sometimes they don’t realize the weight those words carry. And sometimes they do, and that is what is really disturbing. Thank you for sticking up, not only for your daughter, but for all kids who have been slighted without realizing it. You’re voice is just beautiful, and you always seem able to put into words the mess of feelings that I can’t seem to articulate.

  15. says

    “Maybe a little bit of her beauty would have stopped the ugliness that came out of your mouth.” Exactly! My daughter’s teacher was talking to the other kids on her class, and they commented that she was the only one amongst them who had never said or done something mean. It makes this slur particularly painful to me.

  16. says

    Jessica, you said this both honestly and graciously. I hope that people will read your words and understand that exchanging one cruel remark for another does not bring about change. It increases hatred. By speaking with kindness, even to those who have not, especially to those who have not, you reach past ideologies and into their hearts, which is where true understanding occurs.

    Thank you.
    Ginger Kay recently posted..Conversations with my daughter, about shoes

  17. says

    Wow, I did’t see this last night since I also turned off all external distractions and just watched the debates. You are a kinder, classier and more forgiving person than I am. I think that Ann Coulter is the absolute worst kind of person. She does not deserve your kindness. She is a hag who deserves to grow old alone with only the annoying sound of her own horrible voice keeping her company while she spouts hatred and evil.

    I think your post was beautifully written and I applaud you for taking a stand against Ann.
    Jen at recently posted..Friends Are Hard to Find – Part 2

  18. says

    Ignorance on this level is nauseating. Your daughter is lucky to have a Mom like you; you’re amazing and classy and your post is spot on. Shame it even needed to be addressed though…

  19. says

    It made me sick reading her tweet. She is such a hateful woman. It’s always a shame when someone with that much air time is so mind numbingly insensitive and outright hurtful. Your daughter sounds amazing and it gives me hope that there are still good people in this world raising incredible children.
    Creative Liar recently posted..Pillowed