A place to land

The impressive stack of cushions atop our basement couch makes me cringe

but giggles are contagious.

“I’m on top of the world!”

“I is not afwaid of anyfing!”

“I… like… pink.”

Superhero capes wave behind as they leap to toy towers.

There is much to be cleaned and stopped and quieted.

I slide rough edges and plastic toys from their landing and cushion the floor with blankets and sleeping bags.

Returning to my laundry basket, I head back upstairs.

Who am I to interrupt a flying lesson?




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      Thanks, I found them a while back and they weren’t very interested in them so I was so disappointed. All the sudden they love them so I’m thrilled.

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      I’m trying to learn to let them “fly” a little bit more although I might need something for my anxiety if they get much more daring :).

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    James is a climber and a jumper. He scares me to death. I came home from being out of town on Wednesday to find a “landing zone” of pillows in the living room. At least he was thinking about it.
    Jennifer recently posted..Around the Clock

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      Thanks, they got them for Christmas last year (from zulily on sale :) ) and weren’t really impressed. Now all of the sudden lately they love them and want to wear them all the time.

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    So cute! Santa is bringing the kids superhero capes this Christmas :) I try to let them play by themselves, too. It’s funny that I get so frustrated with not having alone time at times, and then when they’re finally playing nicely, I feel guilty like I should do more. What is THAT about?
    angela recently posted..Imagining the Rhythm