Could I be a throat puncher?

While at Blogher this summer I had the chance to meet all kinds of bloggers who I had chatted with online for years. I also had the chance to chat with bloggers in person who I had never talked to via the internet.

I met one such blogger and the beginning of our conversation went a little like this:

“Hi, I’m Jessica.”

“Hi, I’m Jen. What’s the name of your blog?”

“Four plus an angel, what’s the name of yours?”

“People I want to punch in the throat”

insert several blinking seconds of smiling and silence as we each mentally contemplate a commonality that may occur between what these two blog titles imply

Without detailing the remaining chat line by line, I will skip to where we evolved into a great conversation and realized how similarly we raise our children, how we both believe in treating people equally and how it may be refreshing for me to take up throat-punching to deal with my grief.

When I found out that my new friend was writing a book, I could not wait to read. The book is just as refreshing as our conversation. Jen blends funny with hilarious and sneaks in heartwarming when you least expect it in “Spending the Holidays with People I Want to Punch in the Throat.”

Her book will now be my survival guide for the holidays and can be yours too. I’m thrilled to be partnering with a group of fabulous bloggers to giveaway autographed copies of Jen’s new book AND a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner.

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    I LOVE the names of both your blogs and your description of that introductory conversation did make me smile. It’s a special type of anger I think, the anger that makes you want to punch people in the throat, and I also think I’ve felt it more in the past four years than I ever did before. Sigh. Will have to go and find the blog, the book looks like it would be a great read too.
    Catherine W recently posted..The Unquiet Grave