No One

Sometimes I get totally behind, or the kids get totally ahead and I have to attempt a shower while they are awake.

But they are getting older now so no big deal, I just put their favorite show on and bribe them with the last piece of Halloween candy and I never hear a peep.

boy jumping

I don’t worry about them doing anything dangerous,

boy standing

and they come to get me if there’s any trouble.

funny face

There’s no screwing around,

silly face

or messing with electronics.

crazy boy

They are just that good.

(So good that the infamous No One took every one of these photos.)



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  1. says

    Hah! Cute. Could’ve been worse, huh? 😉

    My kids are only four and one, and when I leave them alone so that I can shower or make dinner, I always just hope for the best…I have to start with trust, but I also have to expect that sometimes, they’ll be four and one, which means ANYTHING goes.
    Justine recently posted..Improvise

  2. says

    yup, I cross my fingers, hop in the shower, and hope for the best. Because we all need to shower sometimes and eventually you have to trust a bit. Just love all the photos–what characters!