There’s this boy

Sawyer’s transition to preschool is not going well.

Some days I am still peeling him off of me, practicing the Preschool Parent Code: quick in, assure him I’ll be back soon, kiss, hug, quick out.

Other days the teacher is prying him from my arms as he cries and I try not to cry and I stand in the hall listening for his sobs to let up and the secretary is telling me not to worry and he will be fine in a few minutes and I can call if I want.

Every pick-up is the same, the teacher is proud of him and he is proud of himself and the only sign of our morning departure is how tightly he holds my hand as I lift his schoolbag from its hook.

During his most recent I-made-it-through-the-day-Mommy brag session, his teacher asked if he wanted to show me what he had done that day.

He led me back into his classroom and showed me an “S” of fuzzy lines, triangles with a side of glue and his name in marker. Everything was pink.

Sawyer’s teacher explained that he had used pink all day, because it reminded him of his mommy, “it’s your favowit cowor” he looked up to say, just in case I had forgotten.

My heart was warming and melting and if it wasn’t so soft it would probably have been breaking too.

This little boy, who is mine, he thought of me all three hours of his big long day.

He chose pink markers and pink paper and pink crayons and thought of me.

What a gift it is to be so loved,

and a greater gift to be reminded.

there's this boy he stole my heart

How do your kids say I love you?

Looking for some fun things to do while the kids are at home? I’ve rounded up my favorite sensory activities over at Childswork this week.



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      I just took him out. I can’t take it anymore. I think we are going to wait until he’s a little older, he’s still such a young 3 and it’s stressing everyone out.
      Jessica recently posted..No One

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    Oh, Jessica – that’s so sweet.

    Leila is such a “live in the moment” kid that, really, I don’t think she misses anyone who isn’t there. Simply, when someone isn’t there, she just finds something else. But CJ – well, the other day, I got home when CJ was napping. A wide awake Leila woke up her sleeping brother with a smack to the head, explaining “look CJ, Dada home!”

    Because, apparently, he had been asking about me all day.
    John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I attempt to make my own vanilla extract

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    They are so sweet. And moments like this, stories like this, make me feel guilty for the days when I am actually glad to drop them at school and get away for a little while! But I guess we all need alone time too,, right? My Jelly Bean is a hugger. She gives the BEST hugs in the world. All throughout the day, she just randomly comes up and squeezes my legs so tight. How can that not make you feel good? And then yesterday she calls to me from the living room: “Mommy, do you know what I love?” I replied “What do you love?” “YOU!” Dang it. Gets me every time. She has literally saved me from a deep depression this last year.
    Alexa (katbiggie) recently posted..Day 17

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      Boys are so sweet, I remember being a little scared once I had my second boy, thinking of years of wrestling and wild play. I had no idea how sweet they would be.
      Jessica recently posted..No One

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      That’s how Parker is, he had a hard time at the beginning of last year and now is doing amazing. Sawyer not so much, he’s a really young three and I’m not sure he’s ready yet (or I’m ready yet).
      Jessica recently posted..No One

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    I had terrible separation anxiety from my mom starting in preschool. I would cry hysterically when she would drop me off. This continued in kindergarten and first grade as well. When I started 2nd grade the teacher knew my difficult and wanted to work with me. She gave me a big jar to keep in a special place in the class, every day that I came to class and didn’t cry, I got to put a ping pong ball into the big jar. Once the jar was full I got to pick something special to do with her, I picked a pizza party in the class room with just her at lunch time. I know I was older, but maybe something like this would help your little guy?
    Kalyn Ernest recently posted..The REAL Thanksgiving Trimmings

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      I was the same way, I had terrible separation anxiety as well but was in a strict Catholic school so the teachers weren’t quite so creative. Thanks so much for the idea.
      Jessica recently posted..No One

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    What a sweet boy! I know that preschool routine well…we go through the same exact thing with my little girl. She loves it and has a great time, but getting there is horrible. Everyone keeps telling me it gets better…i’m still waiting!
    Megan recently posted..Christmas Crafting With Pinterest

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      So it’s not just us? I keep waiting for it to get easier, I’m hoping this week goes okay after having too long off for the Thanksgiving break.

  5. Tara Pohlkotte says

    Oh my heart. These boys. Gah. Love how you see him shining just for you. It’s a gift mama, to see him. So happy we get to see him through your eyes too.
    Tara Pohlkotte recently posted..Revival