World Prematurity Awareness Day

Today is World Prematurity Awareness Day. We have so many stories to share in our home, some of defying the odds and one of wishing we could have.

Last year I shared Parker’s story of survival so this year it is McKenna’s turn.

My miracles…



Hope you will link up your preemie story with us. The linky will be open all week and for every link shared, a donation will be made to the March of Dimes.

One from Artkive and one from Clomid and Cabernet.

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Can’t wait to read all of your stories.

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  1. Ninja Mom says

    I’m in tears over your beautiful miracles. I didn’t have video of Hannah. But seeing your lovelies reminds me so powerfully of our experience. I’m heartbroken for you that they were in the NICU so long, but overjoyed and proud at their progress.

  2. says

    I love your kids. Truly… love them. Your stories and seeing them in video from time to time inspire me to be a better mom every SINGLE time. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  3. Azra says

    Sorry…my story is long and my phone just sent the other comment without my approval. Or maybe I accidentally pressed the button.
    My parents had droven off to the hospital two hours away. My mother said she was the easiest to givwe birth to, being small. One reason because she’s premiee and also because some of us are small for our age.
    My sisters and I (yes, I am blessed with three sisters) all hugged each other and the younger one asked for a picture. Well, we got some pictures that my parents sent via a communication app but technically we couldn’t see her in real life. She was stuck in the hospital and only my parents could see her. I wrote a lot of sad diary entries and read half your blog, every single post abpout Hadley, Parker and McKenna.
    Then we could just peek at the glass of thr NICU to see Ayla in her too big clothes and tubes everywhere, machines crowding around her with continuous horrid beeps.
    I was premature, 36 weeks with birth complications, but I certaintly wasnt that small. My other two sisters were 39&38 weeks.
    Now Ayla is a happy 3 month old.
    Yesterday some of my grandma’s friends calles her “short” which was rude. But sometimes people just dont get it.
    Ohh…written too much. Thanks for the support via blog posts that I spent endless hours crying my eyes out. (:

  4. Azra says

    Well…I dont have kids of my own. I enjoy reading mommy blogs in the hope that I’ll get to blog about my little one soon. I read a lot of blogs, its kinda hard to remember who’s who and all that.
    I have always been reading your blog,
    And it is my most favourite.
    Three months ago my very little sister, a tiny surprise baby caused us various emotions as my mother had contractions at 7 months and when she was finally allowed back from the hospital I remember getting roused at three in the morning when she told me the contractions had begun and I was to take care of the younger ones, who are 12 & 10.
    We cried tears of joy, sadness and worry when I got the text while I was waking them up for school.

    At 33 weeks, 5.00 am in the morning, our little sister