Hugs for the Holidays

Last year, surrounded by people, doing the gazillionth must-do-for-the-holidays thing on our list, I was all alone.

I stood there watching and smiling and doing that going through the motions thing that I hate being good at. If it had been any colder I would have been carving my own little igloo to hide in, making it a cozy place to stay while I dwelled on the fact I had this un-mended heart that was still trying to beat despite a tear right through the center.

To be honest, as the holidays approach, I’m starting to wish for igloo-building temperatures again but I’m vowing to fight it. I reached out to the fabulous Mary of the Mama Mary Show and author of Dead Dads Club and we have joined forces, contacted a few other bloggers who have experienced grief through loss in other forms and came up with a social media campaign called #hugsfortheholidays. Consider it a virtual hug for those of us who need it and an igloo-melting party for me, because I want to enjoy my days, not hide from them. And I don’t really like the cold.

hugs for the holidays

We want to make sure no one is grieving alone this holiday season so we invite you to share your story with us.  On Wednesday, December 19th, we will have multiple link-ups on the sites below, where you can comment and/or link up according to the type of loss with which you are dealing.

You can link up anything you would like to share about your lost love one: a link to a Facebook photo/post, a blog post about a particular memory, a Pinterest pin sharing how you cope, whatever you would like others to read or see. The link ups will be displayed as follows:

If you have had a miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of an infant link here:

If you have lost your mom link here:

Your dad link here:

Your sibling link here:

A child link here:

A friend here:

We have also created a Pinterest board called Hugs for the Holidays. If you have a specific link you’d like shared on the board between now and December 19th please include it in the comments below and feel free to follow it so we can all start supporting each other.

Please remember to visit a few other blog posts on this special day to help spread the love around to others. We will keep the link ups open through December so that everyone has a chance to participate. Our goal is that no one feels like they are suffering alone this holiday season.

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  1. says

    This is absolutely amazing. I have been struggling with myself because I write a humor blog, and I so, so wanted to write a serious blog about the son I lost. The day that you are doing this is the anniversary of his death, the very day I would publish if I wrote our story. I’m going to write it.

    Thank you.

  2. Kallay's says

    I think this is a great idea! Where do we post if we’ve lost a spouse? I’d be willing to sponsor the link up portion if you don’t have someone already. What a great way to remember our loved ones. Thank you so much for this!
    Kallay’s recently posted..BIRTHDAY Year Two! {Dear Lily}

    • says

      We actually have someone who we have asked but isn’t confirmed. If she is unable I will contact you. Thanks so much for volunteering.

    • says

      I love it too, am I allowed to say that about my own inititative :)? Truly though, I hope that we are able to reach a lot of people and help everyone to feel less alone this year.