Our favorite gift

This month Childswork asked me to write about gifts, I could have written about what a gift Ashlyn has been to me or the gift of perspective that autism has given to our home but there is a story that needed to be told. One that I hope will go far and wide because some gifts are so hard to put into words that you try and just hope you’ve captured a small piece of what has been given…

greatest gifts quote

During my daughter’s 7th grade year of school she came home one day, sat at her desk and began attempting to draw horses. She tried again and again, becoming more frustrated with every eraser-laden picture. I was pretty sure I had just walked into the twilight zone because she had always had a narrow set of interests and drawing horses was not one of them.

I soon found out that she did not like horses, another girl at school did. She was trying to like them, to draw them, to be like someone else. For the first time in her 12 years she was beginning to realize that she wasn’t quite like her classmates…

you can read the rest of the story over at Childswork and I hope that you do.




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