How not to go outside

It started snowing this week just about the time my husband headed out of town and took my patience with him on a train five hours away.

The kids were excited and couldn’t wait to play outside before my morning coffee touched my cup.

I know, know, know I should have been excited and digging through the hats and gloves for matching sets that they would return with, two seconds after they got outside, asking for new ones, dry ones, ones that hadn’t been used for snow-eating.

Instead I was thinking warm thoughts of staying inside and maybe even sitting still for a few seconds.

So I started a “we can do crafts!” campaign. Glitter? Sure! Glue? Absolutely! You want to play with shaving cream? Squirt away! Mix, play, create, do whatever you want to have enough fun in order to completely forget about going outside.

From there my inside craft to overcompensate for not going outside was born.

Glitter snow paint

What you need:

-shaving cream



What to do:

Mix one part shaving cream to one part glue and add glitter until there’s enough to make everyone happy.

glitter snow paint

Let the kids paint away. When the paint dries it puffs up just like snow and the glue keeps the glitter from spreading everywhere.

snow painting

kids painting


While my kids were busy painting I was busy writing.

This week I shared my brutally honest thoughts on feelings of failure after loss at Still Standing Magazine,

gave my quick tips that may or may not be useful on how to know when your teen/adult with autism is ready to live independently at Childswork

and shared a million ideas on what to write about at SheKnows.

Don’t forget you have a chance to win any purse you want from the maker of my favorite purse of all time (you still have a few days to enter, run).



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  1. Sabina says

    First of all have to say that you are such an awesome, just wonderful mom!! Thanks for all of your posts and great ideas. I was looking for snow writer recipe and came across this page, so glad i did :)

  2. says

    first, i applaud your bold move not to even put something down on your table first before crafts, and it’s so great you got so much writing done even with your husband away!
    anna recently posted..Future Blogger

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