Why I’m not a craft blogger

Lately I’ve been inching closer to the illusion that I am Suzy Homemaker (minus the perfectly coifed hair, homemade meals that taste good and super cute apron).

I’ve been creating all kinds of crafts and activities for the kids at home and every time they love one I think this is blogging gold maybe I really could be a craft blogger.

We created a homemade theater, homeschool activities and I even gave you my tips for removing crayon and permanent marker from everything.

Oh and I also had this genius idea for bath paint that the kids absolutely loved.

This morning I put on my over-confident crafty pants and told the kids we could do Mommy’s Magic Bath Paint again but I was going to make it even better!!!

I had new plans, the paint would be brighter, there would be a new color, we would laugh and they would make a mess and I wouldn’t even care because it all washes away, just. like. that.

But it did not wash away just. like. that. It dyed four towels, two socks and three children, purple.

purple boy

Instead of a bath full of happiness I ended up with a tub full of Smurfs crying because the water was too cold as I gave them bath number three in an attempt to turn them back to their natural color.

And just like that my career as a craft blogger that never even began is already over. Not only do I have a hard time following directions I have a hard time following my OWN directions which pretty much seals the deal that I will just stick to writing

and coloring books

but nothing, nothing else, where I substitute food coloring gel for regular food coloring to get richer colors and impress my children who are pretty much impressed with anything as long as it doesn’t involve vegetables or bedtime.

bath soap play



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  1. Erika says

    Speaking of craft fails: I just made chocolate cupcakes from scratch for dessert and they got huge, collapsed and stuck all over the pan (despite using paper liners). So, I scraped them out of the pan into bowls and scooped a dollop of frosting on top. Now, my boys are complaining that they’re too sweet.

    But, at least the kids aren’t purple! Good luck getting it all off!

  2. says

    Too bad their colours didn’t match up with a big game day (or do they? I don’t follow sports).

    I’d never have known the staying power of gel food dye if you hadn’t posted this. I’ve only ever bought the cheap little bottles of liquid dye.
    Ginger Kay recently posted..It’s too soon for this.

    • says

      I love the gel dye for cake decorating, it takes a really small amount to get rich colors, apparently the same it true for coloring your children.

    • says

      Oh they think this is the greatest thing ever. They all have a reddish tone to them and Sawyer has a few purple spots on his face that I can’t get off but three bath later most of it is off.

  3. Linda Croudace says

    Bless you, I thought this could only happen to me… but a memory forever eh, that’s what a childhood is for x

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