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There have  been lots of gift guides going around over the past few weeks and I had this thought that since I’ve been attempting to buy gifts that make Ashlyn happy for the last 18 years that I might be qualified to create a gift list for kids and teens with autism. I started my list and, as she always does, Ashlyn looked over my shoulder and asked “whatcha doin?” When I told her she all but sat on my lap to get me out of the way because she’s way more qualified to make this list than I am. So here you go, Ashlyn’s gift lists for kids and teens with autism and her reasons why they are great picks. (You can click on the pictures to go right to the places we found each item online.)

gifts for kids with autism

1. Liquid Motion Bubbler- looking at things that are moving is calming for me and other kids.

2. Sensory Balls- it’s nice to feel these in your hands and if they are small you can keep them in your pocket.

3. Ikea Ekorre swing- I used to have this swing and I really like sitting in it.

4. Tagless clothes- Clothes can be really itchy so get comfortable clothing. (from me: SOFT clothing has a great line of tagless, seamless kids’ clothes they are really cute too)

5. Marble run- It’s fun to play with and I like watching the balls go back and forth.

6. Gears game- You can put these together and make them go around.

7. Hop ball- This is good to calm down and get your energy out.

8. Silly putty or theraputty- It’s really relaxing to use these and it keeps your hands busy.

9. Chew necklace- I would have liked these when I was little. They didn’t have them yet.

10. Their favorite thing. Find out what they like most and then get them new toys with their favorite thing on it. Like if they like fish get them a stuffed fish or if they like elevators, get them something about elevators. Just find out what they like.

gifts for teens with autism

1. Lava lamp- I love having one of these in my room.

2. Reflex Massage Roll- You can use this on your hands and when you are older it doesn’t look like something for little kids.

3. Balance Ball Chair- This is way better to sit on than a regular chair. I had a small one when I was little too.

4. Dragon Dictation- If you don’t like writing this is a good thing because you can talk and it will type what you are saying and you don’t have to do it.

5. Books of facts like The Guinness Book of World Records 2014. There is also a Guinness World Records Gamers Edition, this book would be for teens who like video games.

6. iTunes card- Only get this if they like music or they can use it for games too.

7. Mini Fiber Optic Light- This is relaxing to look at and isn’t too bright in your room.

8. Drawing paper and paint or pencils- I really like drawing and last year I got an easel for painting. Other people might like this too.

9. Stress ball or silly putty

10. What they ask for. I always like bags and every year people tell me to pick something different but I really like getting bags so if someone with autism asks for the same thing every year it is because they like it and they still want more.



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    Frequently I don’t understand article in sites, however need to say that the following write-up extremely pushed me personally to carry out this! A person’s producing flavour may be stunned my family. Many thanks, really wonderful content.

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    I think I might get my nephew a lava lamp with some xbox points. Good idea. I always wanted a punching bag, a long heavy one, for a corner in my bedroom. So much easier than ripping off my mattress to put up against the wall to punch when I needed to release my anger.
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    Ashlyn, thank you for explaining why these are such great presents for kids and teens, I bought my 5 year old son the motion bubbler fidget toy and I hope he’ll love it and that it will help him stay calm during our travels this Christmas! Thank you!!

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    I want to thank you for your amazing blog post! I’m going to share it with everyone that loves my son Andrew, who has autism. They keep asking me what he would like and now I have a great resource to show them!! Thank you!!!

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    This is SO HELPFUL. I have also figured out that I have been on the right track, buying my son a majority of the same things that you recommend. Since he can’t communicate with me yet, it feels good to know that I’m doing something right.


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    Ashlyn thank you so much!! This is an amazing list. My daughter can’t always express herself so it’s not always easy to get out of her what she would like but I know that she would enjoy many of the things on your list. I also love your suggestion of getting a kid what they ask for, in fact I love that tip for everyone. You are so right. My daughter loves Barbies and so many times people will say she has enough, according to her she will NEVER have enough!! Lol! Thanks again and I hope you get some great bags this holiday!! :)
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