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Well I thought I was in a blogging funk and then a fellow autism mom told me the story of her daughter being excluded from Girl Scouts and lit a fire under my writing butt. I then told the story to Ashlyn because it helps her to hear that these things happen to other kids too. If I thought my fire was lit, well then I might as well have handed Ashlyn a blow torch. She was FURIOUS and said “Mom, I’m ready to writing on your blog again, start typing.” So I did, I may have made it to her third sentence before tears…


My mom told me about a girl with autism that got excluded from Girls Scouts in her school. This makes me really mad. It is more of a loss for the Girls Scouts than it is for the family because they miss out on a lot and it is wrong.

I don’t know the Girl Scout leader but if I could talk to her I would tell her that she is missing out on all these things:

1. Joy

2. Laughter

3. Awareness

4. A good friend for the girls

5. Someone who will never be a bully

6. Seeing her light up when she gets new opportunities

7. Treating people the way that she wants to be treated

8. Teaching the other girls how to be kind

I would tell the mom of the girl who was excluded to keep trying until she can get her girl into something that makes her happy. I know how it feels to be excluded from something that I love. I wish it didn’t happen to other people. I would tell the girl with autism that it is going to be okay. This is just another obstacle that you have to overcome. It doesn’t matter what is on the outside it matters what is on the inside. There are people like me who will like you no matter what and I think you will find them.


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  1. says

    Way to go Ashlyn! Such a way with words. I hope this was shared with the Girl Scout organization at all levels-national, state and local. As a former Girl Scout & Girl Scout leader I find this completely unacceptable. Keep writing Ashlyn!
    Robbie recently posted..Eight

  2. says

    Ashlyn you are awesome – thank you for your very wise words. I am so disappointed in the Girl Scouts! I have to confess I have been down on them ever since my 6 yr. old got wait listed for a Daisy troop. I thought wait listing a 6 year old was ridiculous but excluding someone with autism is unconscionable. Hoping for a more compassionate world. xo
    Lanie recently posted..A resolution (not the New Years kind)

  3. Joanne Schmidt says

    Ashlyn – you show so much wisdom. I am a Guider in Girl Guides of Canada. Girl Guides now has a very strong Diversity and Inclusion policy. The Units I have led have been in small villages, where people know and (usually) accept each other. One of my many good memories in Guiding is what I have learned from the beautiful, both inside and outside, 14 year old who I first met when she was 5 years old and joining the youngest Canadian level, Sparks. I don’t really know nor care about any diagnosis. She was and is still loving, curious and co-operative. Sometimes she has a short attention span, but never seems to talk back or get angry with anyone. She was with me through three years of Sparks and two of Brownies. Last year I was delighted that she received her “Lady BP Award ” when she completed the Girl Guide program at the same ceremony in a nearby city at which I received a Leadership Award. She is now in Pathfinders, for 14 to 16 year olds, and is doing very well. It ls a small group and the girls all know her and respect her abilities, and her sense of humour and kindness. I hope the girl you have mentioned is able to find a Girl Scout or other program that welcomes her and respects the many gifts she will be able to share with them.From the comments about your entry it seems you are a member of a large and supportive family and community. That has been one of the strengths that has let my young friend become the teenager she is now , and the young woman she is becoming.

  4. Nancy Percha says

    Ashlyn you are an amazing beautiful girl inside and outand you really have such a good, kind, sweet and gentle heart. You are an asset to the world just like your mom and Nana. We have to educate the rest of the world I am afraid.To bad their are not more people like you to help straighten out the people who cannot understand we all have a voice in this world. Hugs to you sweet girl!

  5. says

    Ashlyn, you are light years from my age and my sweets, you have more in your soul than a lot of adults I know.
    You have so much to teach the world and you need to keep being that strong voice for those who can’t stand up for themselves. You’re a strong advocate. I know that your mom is so proud of you because I am :)
    Kimberly recently posted..The Good Mother Myth

  6. says


    Your spirit is a light in a world that sometimes seems dark.

    What a gift your words are and what a reminder that there is a place for everyone and that kindness is something that needs to be exercised, like a muscle.
    angela recently posted..Pajama days

  7. says

    Who would kick someone out of Girl Scouts? What’s wrong with people? Great post, Ashlyn! I hope the girl who got kicked out gets a chance to read this and knows how much she is loved!

  8. says

    Ashlyn, you are a wonderful girl with a beautiful spirit. Definitely wise beyond your years. You are right. It is the troop’s loss. I hope you continue to write here because what you have to say is very inspirational. I know your family is so proud of you!

  9. Tim@sogeshirts says

    I definitely agree with Ashlynn. Shame on that Girls Scouts leader. No one should be excluded.

  10. says


    You are strong and brave and wise beyond your years. I hope my daughters grow up to be half the woman you are.

    Also? I hope you’ll post more on your mom’s blog soon. I love reading your thoughts.

    erin margolin recently posted..Mean Girls Already?

  11. says

    There is a time and a place for righteous anger. This is one of those times. I hope she gets a formal apology from the Girl Scouts and finds a troop that will welcome her with open arms.

  12. says

    This story just breaks my heart. Ashlynn you have a beautiful way with words. Thank you for standing up for a girl who you don’t even know in such a heartfelt way. You give me hope for my son.