We’ve had a pet, seriously really a live one, for over three weeks now. And she’s still a live one. The house plant comparison is so not true and omg there are so many bacon jokes out there.

choosing a pig for a pet

I am still not used to people saying “your pig is cute” or “thanks for letting us pet your pig.” It just doesn’t roll off the tongue and land into the ears the same way sweet phrases about puppies and kittens do.

pig in wagon

The kids have walked her and wiggled her into ridiculous costumes. McKenna has staged photo shoots complete with tablecloth backdrops and magic wands and no pig in sight because Ruby might let us dress her like a flower/rabbit/belly dancer but she’s not holding her own wand.

We let her wander the house sometimes and we’re sort of counting the days until it feels like spring EVERY day so she can be outside more than she is indoors. She eats pig food (like rabbit food) and fruit and veggies and any crumb of anything that has ever been left on the history of our floor.

She was litter trained before we got her but she forgets about her litter box a little if she can’t SEE it so I’m always talking to her about whether or not she has to go potty which is pretty much like parenting my kids but she doesn’t pee down the leg of her pants after underestimating the time it takes to get to the bathroom.

pig sitting

She yells at us a little when we pick her up but stops once her feet are cradled and snuggles up on the kids laps. My husband loves her but he won’t admit it. If there were a Moby wrap for pigs he’d try it out, I’m pretty sure. I’ve caught him doing the baby-sway more than once while holding her. Usually while handing her to me so I can do the baby-sway.

Sawyer has stopped climbing on top of chairs when he sees her and she doesn’t eat things that aren’t food or bite unless you put your finger in her mouth because you think you might have fed her Easter candy with the wrapper on it (McKenna!). The kids at all the schools love her, she’s been on tour and the parents love her too until their kids ask for a Ruby of their own.

So that’s Ruby. We were completely skeptical about getting a miniature pig for a pet but now we pretty much love her. She’s easy and clean and doesn’t mind an occasional ridiculous outfit and 30,000 photos.


Everyone has had so many questions about owning a pig. I hope I answered them all. If you have any more just leave them in the comments or on my Facebook page and I’ll answer them. We’re really happy with our decision even though this is like the gateway animal to a farm full of horses and cattle.



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  1. Nicole says

    I do have a few questions (sorry if they are rude!). How much did she cost? What kinds of health issues do the juli’s tend to have? How long is life expectancy? What do her poops look like? (I know, sorry…are they like rabbit poop? Dog poop?) Would she get along with a dog?


  2. Anelim says

    She is adorable! Where can I go or which website to look if I want to get a miniature pig? I have always want one.

  3. Julie Ingram says

    We can’t have cats or dogs (or a variety of other pets) because of allergies. Is Ruby considered hypo-allergenic? Does she chew on things that are left on the floor? She is so cool.

  4. Kelly says

    We have a Juli, too! What a force of personality he is. Percy turned 3 in Febuary. I love that pig, though he is challenging some days.
    Ruby and Percy look alike, I was wondering which breeder you went through?
    Keep spreading the pig love!

  5. Holly says

    I’m so intrigued. You mentioned in the post that she was already house trained when you got her…how does that work? Can you teach her tricks? Like fetch or roll-over?

  6. says

    I am in love.

    Was she expensive? Is that totally rude to ask?

    I adore my two dogs (like CRAZY) and the idea of pets (in general).

    We’re all about expanding the family in ways OTHER than having more kids :-)
    julie gardner recently posted..On Being Heard

    • says

      She wasn’t too expensive but we waited until she had a litter that breeders weren’t looking for, we don’t need a designer piggy :).

  7. says

    I’m sorry but I’m totally green with envy!!! I have always wanted a pet pig but no one would ever let me get one. So I got the next best thing – a pug. It’s really kind of the same thing. Curly tail, snorty nose, almost the same spelling. Maybe someday I’ll get my actual pig :)

    SO CUTE!!!
    molly recently posted..Thoughts on Turning 35

  8. says

    Ruby is so cute!! I just announced to Nerdguy last night “Oh and we’re getting a pig by the way and you can’t stop me,” and he said ok. Probably in some yard-full-of-chickens power play. Where does she sleep?
    Tara (nerdgirlmom) recently posted..Is It Plugged In?

    • says

      She has a little area in our mud room that is closed off for her to sleep. It’s funny because she seems to need that space to be able to settle down and sleep, sort of like a baby in a crib. If we don’t put her in there she just runs around the house with the kids and oinks.