I will not be a broken record

candle light vigil

With April comes Autism Awareness month. In the past I was the first mom to wave my puzzle piece ribbon while shining my blue light but I’m just not there anymore. Everyone knows someone with autism. I don’t need to remind you that the numbers have now risen to 1 in every 68 children. I’m […]

I’m with the band

Special Olympics

There’s this strange argument I used to have with myself and I’ve always wondered if other parents did the same. As the mom of a special needs child, I looked for every opportunity for her to be with her “peers.” I wanted her to be treated like them. I wanted her to be included in […]

Stop Saying It

end the r word

Today is the official day of the End the R word campaign. There is a story I could share about how this word was directed towards someone I love dearly. But I won’t. I heard what was muttered and the person it was directed towards did not. Putting it in print will not help either […]

This is how you do it

photo 4 (1)

I took a risk and handed my phone to the teenager two rows in front of us. I wanted a better picture of the sign with her name on it. “You know one of those kids?” the man standing next to me ask. “I do. The one second from the coach? That’s my daughter.” I […]

The kids are going to be just fine

kids in snow

On the way to pick up Parker I lodged our SUV firmly in a diagonal position in the driveway. I had already run back in the house ten times to find the perfect snack/drink combo to keep Sawyer quiet for the ride so I was left with about 15 minutes to complete the 20 minute […]

Include us

looking in mirror

Well I thought I was in a blogging funk and then a fellow autism mom told me the story of her daughter being excluded from Girl Scouts and lit a fire under my writing butt. I then told the story to Ashlyn because it helps her to hear that these things happen to other kids […]

Ashlyn’s gift guide

gifts for kids with autism

There have  been lots of gift guides going around over the past few weeks and I had this thought that since I’ve been attempting to buy gifts that make Ashlyn happy for the last 18 years that I might be qualified to create a gift list for kids and teens with autism. I started my […]

No small victories

playing soccer

The girls varsity soccer team Ashlyn helps manage has a scrimmage and picnic each year. The freshman, junior varsity and varsity teams combine and then split into two teams to verse each other in a fun game with a trophy of bragging rights. Ashlyn was given the opportunity to play this year. A small gesture […]

Put me in coach

special olympics bowling

Ashlyn came home Friday with a new bowling shirt. She hates getting her picture taken but she wanted a photo of the front and back and waited while I sent the picture to her Papa. I talked her into changing out of it for dinner and she even almost hung it up so it would […]

One toe in Normal

one foot in normal

We’ve seesawed back and forth (or is it up and down?) over educational decisions for the kids. I can’t post a school-related picture anywhere without someone asking “wait, I thought you were homeschooling?” or “doesn’t she go to school with her brother?” I have a hard time choosing what to eat at a restaurant we’ve […]