One small change

parenting change

Sometimes the kids and I have conversations about favorites. Favorite thing to do, favorite toy, favorite color… we discuss them all and regardless of the fact that the discussion typically ends with at least two of them arguing over who likes green more, I always hold my breath a little when they volunteer answers for […]

Ready to listen

I used to be very timid in my writing, I was careful and deliberate and thought more about the reader than about what I wanted to say. Grammar has always been my strong point and I would get caught up in form and punctuation and ultimately, lose the feelings I wanted to convey. Often the […]

Ready for Air

ready for air

Having a baby (or two, or three) in the NICU is an extremely isolating experience. Parker spent 77 days there, McKenna 72 and Hadley, not nearly enough. I was there for every single one of them. Not because it was some heroic effort of motherhood, because it was a necessity for my survival. I couldn’t […]

Even better than towels


For my birthday this year I got towels. Big, fluffy, glowing white towels. I couldn’t wait to wash them and dry them and fold them and use them. Okay, I would have been fine with someone else doing the washing, drying and folding but I was excited to use them and turn my faded-to-beige-ish, barely-holding-on […]

Helping children around the world thrive

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This week is World Immunization Week, the perfect time to talk about global immunizations and the children around the world who don’t have access to the most basic of medical care. Shot@life and the United Nations Foundation are working with great people like Nicole of Sisters From Another Mister who will be hosting a link up of motherhood stories […]

Fighting for our preemies

3 kids walking

I recently connected with a new preemie mom through Instagram. Her twins suffered from twin to twin transfusion and, born severely premature, one has passed away while the other fights for life in the NICU. It is times like these, seeing pictures of the monitors and the tubes and those little eyes, born far too […]

Playing with food

rainbow art

  This post is brought to you by gooey, creamy, delicious KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese. Start making digital macaroni art at today. ————————– My children have always had a penchant for making messes, especially with food. From an early age we had to lock down the fridge, the cabinets and clear the counters of […]


blogging friends

I am twisting on a sippy cup lid and gulping coffee because I have two asking for breakfast and a camp lunch that may have to be packed using my feet. Two days ago I was in New York, a manicurist asking me what design I wanted. “Design? Is there a plain color I can […]


swing and sky

When things are at their worst, a well-meaning person always tells me to make sure I’m taking care of myself or to get out of the house and recharge. And I have always rolled my eyes at my sweet family and friends and then felt a little more alone than I was to begin with […]

How to love nature or not

As I continue on my quest to make you laugh, not cry, this summer I am doing cartwheels (and now taking Motrin) over the fact that I have Kelley from Kelley’s Break Room here today. I can always count on Kelley and her hilarious posts to make me laugh, laugh again and laugh some more. […]