Just what he needed

kids hugging

My husband is not a jewelry wearer and he’s not a lover of framed quotes. I’ve looked for something meaningful to get for him for years. I wanted to find something he can carry with him every day that is a reminder of Hadley. Something more subtle than a necklace with her name on it […]

One small change

parenting change

Sometimes the kids and I have conversations about favorites. Favorite thing to do, favorite toy, favorite color… we discuss them all and regardless of the fact that the discussion typically ends with at least two of them arguing over who likes green more, I always hold my breath a little when they volunteer answers for […]

A present for you

infinity bracelet

I never buy jewelry. Some people might call me accessory-challenged, other people might say “omg, could you slap on a bracelet or a necklace or something?” I like simple and pretty and too expensive for my stay-at-home-mom salary of hugs and baskets of laundry. But I have no problem ooh-ing and ahh-ing and pinning things […]

Holiday Clothing Drive

holiday clothing drive

***Updated 11/22 with current needs*** Can you believe it’s November already? I feel like just yesterday I was stressed out over the beginning of the school year. Or maybe that was yesterday and I’m still wishing for an extra five minutes of sleep and a Sunday night without a frantic trip to the store for […]

Even better than towels


For my birthday this year I got towels. Big, fluffy, glowing white towels. I couldn’t wait to wash them and dry them and fold them and use them. Okay, I would have been fine with someone else doing the washing, drying and folding but I was excited to use them and turn my faded-to-beige-ish, barely-holding-on […]

Just for you

Sweet September Belt (no tissues attached)

The end of the school year has no shortage of graduations, birthdays and other occasions for which I have to trade in my flip-flops for heels and find something to wear that is not in my weekly rotation of I-don’t-care-if-this-gets-ruined-by-a-flying-sippy-cup wardrobe choices. My favorite, favorite, favorite place to shop for outfits that are stylish and […]

For you and for a cause

silver drop pearl earrings

The winner of the necklace is commenter #23. Congratulations Ellen! Some people are really good with jewelry. They can layer pieces and find mismatched necklaces that compliment each other and stack up bracelets to accent any outfit. Those people are not me. I need pointed in the right direction, told what to chose and possibly […]

Pick your own purse

gray purse

The winner is commenter #50, Mandy! I am a perfect window shopper. I find all kinds of pretty things but when it comes to actually buying them I’m not so good at that part because I hate spending money. Of course this is why Pinterest is perfect for me. When Pinterest and I started our […]

Could I be a throat puncher?


While at Blogher this summer I had the chance to meet all kinds of bloggers who I had chatted with online for years. I also had the chance to chat with bloggers in person who I had never talked to via the internet. I met one such blogger and the beginning of our conversation went […]

Solving our problems with books

find me books

My kids love to look at pictures of themselves and since we have a total of close to zero photos printed out and in albums, we are constantly in negotiations for my beloved laptop. I recently discovered the perfect solution to the “they steal the laptop, I bribe them to get it back” dilemma. It’s […]