Dining with children

eating spaghetti

A year or so ago, in a moment of temporary insanity and empty cupboards, I took my children out to dinner. By myself. Pulling into the parking lot I felt empowered. They were getting older, only one runs from me the minute I let go of his hand and sure, all four of them can […]

What you can call me

My little brothers who might have called me bossy a time or two.

My 30 second caffeine gulping this morning coincided with Good Morning America’s preview of a new campaign to end the word “bossy.” Female celebrities and politicians and businesswomen flashed across the screen and the GMA anchor teased the segment that would land somewhere between my explanation of the necessity of toothpaste and why two socks […]

The kids are going to be just fine

kids in snow

On the way to pick up Parker I lodged our SUV firmly in a diagonal position in the driveway. I had already run back in the house ten times to find the perfect snack/drink combo to keep Sawyer quiet for the ride so I was left with about 15 minutes to complete the 20 minute […]

The best laid plans


When Ashlyn was young and I was too I had plans to “fix” things. I had never known anything other than a family with two parents and two brothers, each of us spaced neatly three years apart. At night, after putting her to bed and finishing my homework, I would calculate the time I needed […]

Brave: the definition of


Age six is the age of asking what words mean, so is age four and also eighteen. Every conversation is a minefield. Will I get through a sentence without someone asking “what does that mean Mom?” Will I be able to define the word without using the word in its own definition? Will my definition […]

Texting shortcuts for #polarvortex

text messaging during the polar vortex

There are things that happen after it’s been below zero and you’ve lost count of the snow days. One of these things is an increase in talking to yourself by roughly 5000%. This increase in talking to yourself causes you to think up new things that aren’t even necessary and make them into a handy […]

Demoted from Cool Mom

Parker came home from school on Friday, handed me the laptop and asked me to find “What Does the Fox Say?”.  I had heard rumors about this piece of music(?) but had managed to keep my head buried in the snow far enough to muffle the ear-bleeding sounds. We found a Kidz Bop version which led […]

One small change

parenting change

Sometimes the kids and I have conversations about favorites. Favorite thing to do, favorite toy, favorite color… we discuss them all and regardless of the fact that the discussion typically ends with at least two of them arguing over who likes green more, I always hold my breath a little when they volunteer answers for […]

Singular moments

gingerbread house

Dear kids, I hope some day you read this after I have organized all the photos I’ve taken of you into an album or 20. I’m writing, assuming my time on Instagram was well spent, and at some point I had a few moments to print out the ten thousand pictures I took and place […]

Time travel

ice storm

We’re working hard at being without power or snowed in or iced over for almost three weeks now. I’m taking extra Vitamin D and B12 and thinking about the word zen as I wonder if you can hear the money being sucked into the vacuum as we try to dig out from Lego towers and […]