You’re a good mom

reminding yourself that you're a good mom

A funny thing happens when I get ready to meet a new group of moms. I psyche myself out by assuming no one will “get” me. It’s rare to find a mom with exactly the same circumstances as you right? Like maybe we should all wear shirts with a summary of our situation. “Loss mom, […]

We are not dog people

Adding a puppy to the family

The story will always begin something like this: I was sitting in a chair by myself, no one squeezed between my hip and the armrest or perched over my head.  My phone was in my hand because no one had taken it to watch adults talk in children’s voices while they review toys on YouTube […]

What they need most

Giving your children what they need most

When my preemies were in the NICU there were days we could barely touch them. Their daily condition dictated how much holding we could do, how often I could sneak a hand inside their incubators and whether they were up for a sponge bath or an increase in tube feedings. Parker was my tiniest, yet healthiest. […]

Traffic light bulb moment

hilarious moment at a traffic light

You know that phrase about not seeing the forest for the trees? I’m not sure I see the forest or the trees. I’ll be walking along, with kids because when am I not with kids, and saying “Do you have your shoes? Is your shirt on backwards? Did I leave my keys in the car?” and […]

What no one told me

what no one tells you about your child growing up

You were born and I was a mother. I didn’t fully understand that I had been a mom since the moment I saw two pink lines, that I was being handed 6 pounds 14 ounces of the most fierce kind of love. I didn’t know breathing you in would soften the blow of 2 am feedings and […]

A letter to a young mom

A letter to young moms

Dear Young Mom, I’m writing you because my oldest daughter will be 20 next week. This fact probably has you dropping me into the “as old as your parents” black hole but I’m you, just a decade or two away from where you are now. There is so much I have learned that I want to tell […]

10 Books to read this summer

10 books to read this summer

I’ve been reading like crazy this year, thus my rare appearances on the blog. I set a crazy goal on Goodreads for 2015 and I hate losing even in a race against myself so I’m going to read 50 books even if my whole summer is spent under the glow of my Kindle. That actually sounds like […]

When the big becomes small

how time changes your perspective on things

I took Sawyer for his Last Ice Cream of the Fives and while his feet dangled under our chairs at just the right height to repeatedly scrape my shins he asked the deep questions of an almost six year-old. When did you know I was in your belly? What was it like when I was in […]

Building towers

Building children up

I didn’t realize why Sawyer volunteered to go to the grocery store with me until we got to the check out. I was speed-unloading the cart when I looked up to see him building a tower of produce, soup cans and ice cream (in that order because tomatoes make the sturdiest tower base, I’ve heard). […]

I’ll put the sugar in your bowl

mothering as your kids grow

Most mornings Parker wakes up at the sound of my laptop opening. He flops into the living room bleary eyed and I close my laptop before it gets a chance to buzz alive. I tug him close as he changes the channel from Good Morning America to the one full of superhero names I can’t remember. After he […]