Peace, love and sugar

no bake recipe

My three year-old was officially introduced to Peeps this weekend. He sat at the table wide-eyed while his siblings explained that yes there was sparkly stuff on the outside and gooey stuff on the inside. Once the shock wore off and the sugar-high kicked in, I confiscated the rest of the boxes to try out […]

Sometimes I’m almost crafty


I got all crafty again and tried to turn a few old vases into candle holders. In summary: Nothing exploded, there were no hazardous fumes AND they actually turned out great. Here’s what you need: -any candle holder or vase, as long as it has a smooth, even surface -two sided tape or Mod Podge -vellum paper Find […]

The Tsk-er

bath soap play

I was “tsk-ed” yesterday. It was barely 9 am in the preschool parking lot but it felt like 8 pm in a house with no wine. I was unloading the kids one after another from the car and my three year-old who has decided that doing anything for attention is the new black, darted away […]


bounce house

When you lose balance, the body’s natural reaction is to take a step forward to stay upright or put your hands out to catch yourself or just to remember to get back up again. I tend to do none of these. While I’m falling, I turn inwards to think about it, wondering what made me […]

Homeschooling a preschooler

homeschool preschool

Once we decided I would homeschool McKenna my mind started spinning about how I was going to do this. Where do I find worksheets? How much time do I spend on handwriting? Spelling? Counting? I quickly went to twitter and asked on my Facebook page and found some great resources to create my plan. And […]

We’re like the Science Center sort of, a little bit

How to make sensory sand

On one of our ninety million field trips of summer vacation that I am now too tired to attempt, we went to a nearby science center. They had this great sand-like powder that was soft, yet moldable. My kids couldn’t get enough of this dreamy stuff. I tried steering them away because what always happens […]

There’s No Place Like Home

blowing bubbles

I shower as the sun rises and before they realize it is a new day. Closing my laptop and vowing not to open it again, I gather the first of sleepy heads into my lap and watch his feet dangle, ever closer to the floor. There have been too many have to’s and one more […]

Pinterest Basics

how to use Pinterest

I have been trying to talk everyone and their brother (or maybe sister) into trying Pinterest. I truly think it is my most worthwhile internet addiction hobby. What is Pinterest? Remember when we were young and had cork boards? We would tear out a picture of our favorite New Kid on the Block or of […]

Turn old make up brushes new again

clean makeup brushes

I have the easiest way to make your makeup brushes brand new again. Try this… 1. Wash brush thoroughly with hot water and Johnson’s Baby Wash until the water runs clear. 2. Set brush to dry on a clean washcloth and that’s it! Once your brushes dry the bristles will be soft and just like […]

A New Adventure

pin savvy social logo

I have a teenager and three little ones at home who are four and under. I also spent two pregnancies on bedrest. Somewhere in the world this qualifies me for an honorary degree in online shopping. I watched a talk show the other day where a fashion “expert” explained how to keep your dark jeans […]