This is how you do it

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I took a risk and handed my phone to the teenager two rows in front of us. I wanted a better picture of the sign with her name on it. "You know one of those kids?" the man standing next to me ask. "I do. The one second from the coach? That's my daughter." I adjusted my coat a bit to make sure my team shirt was showing, as I yelled through my perma-grin over the crowd. We were in a high school gym full of almost the entire student body. The cheerleaders were there and the dance team performed and the band played. There was a video crew and the scoreboard ticked away and they called each team member's name over the loud speakers. The packed gym cheered for every athlete, even the Continue Reading

The kids are going to be just fine

kids in snow

On the way to pick up Parker I lodged our SUV firmly in a diagonal position in the driveway. I had already run back in the house ten times to find the perfect snack/drink combo to keep Sawyer quiet for the ride so I was left with about 15 minutes to complete the 20 minute drive to school. Once my tires were threatening to create their own fire and ice show, I gave up and called my neighbor to beg her to pick up my son. We're still new at this kindergarten thing and I had no idea how Parker would do with a change in routine but I had no choice. I asked my neighbor for help and threw in an "I'll watch your two year-old" to sweeten the deal and off she went. With one child taken care of my Continue Reading

How to get inspired

advice on getting rid of writers block

Sometime after Christmas but long before Easter I've usually had enough winter. This year, with quadruple the amount of snow and a decrease in the temperature by roughly 2 million percent, my winter slump is even worse. This winter slump has led to a case of writer's block that may be my payback for saying I never run out of things to write about. I turned to some of my favorite bloggers and writers and asked them what they do to overcome writer's block. Their answers were pretty genius: Sometimes I fall back on telling the story of something that happened a while ago. Something that I learned from or a cute parenting story I'll always remember. Kathy of Kissing the Frog Write more. Continue Reading

The best laid plans


When Ashlyn was young and I was too I had plans to "fix" things. I had never known anything other than a family with two parents and two brothers, each of us spaced neatly three years apart. At night, after putting her to bed and finishing my homework, I would calculate the time I needed to fall in love, get married and have more children before Ashlyn knew any different. These magical plans would fall into place before I finished college and Ashlyn would have two parents and siblings almost as close in age as my own. As Ashlyn got older and older, my plan stretched and changed and slowly dissolved with the naivete of my early twenties. I decided that single parenthood might suit me just Continue Reading

Brave: the definition of


Age six is the age of asking what words mean, so is age four and also eighteen. Every conversation is a minefield. Will I get through a sentence without someone asking "what does that mean Mom?" Will I be able to define the word without using the word in its own definition? Will my definition lead to someone asking for the definition of a word within my definition? This morning we were discussing Sawyer's new preschool and whether or not he plans to detach from my leg without a crow bar sometime after circle time yet before the goodbye song. Parker explained that he is brave because he goes to school and McKenna shared that she is brave because she had a bloody nose the other day and, the Continue Reading

Bitter, sweet

surviving triplet

Last week I bought tickets for Mark and McKenna to go to a daddy/daughter dance. She is six now. This, the first year she is old enough to go. The nice woman at the counter asked how many tickets I needed and I had prepared myself for hating this part. Two tickets were all I bought but I needed three. I needed to not be standing there, holding the hand of my living six year old daughter with a free hand to pay and dig through my bottomless purse for keys. I needed both hands to be holding one from each of my girls who should be just about the same height right now or I needed them both to be empty because my girls were flitting around the room, practicing spins they would do with their Continue Reading

Valentine ideas for boys

Parker valentine

It's find-a-cute-but-not-too-cute-Valentine round one. Having a kindergarten boy apparently means that I have a whole new set of rules to follow. We are working on a compromise between Valentine cards that do not contain any mention of bodily functions and something short and sweet, casually mentioning he's not ready for marriage to his current six year-old crush. Our conversations have gone something like this: "I know! How about we get a different prize for everyone in my class!" "That's very sweet honey but Mommy and Daddy didn't create a Valentine's Day spending account when you were born." And this: "Can I pass out these and have everyone give them back?" "Oh I bet everyone Continue Reading

Texting shortcuts for #polarvortex

text messaging during the polar vortex

There are things that happen after it's been below zero and you've lost count of the snow days. One of these things is an increase in talking to yourself by roughly 5000%. This increase in talking to yourself causes you to think up new things that aren't even necessary and make them into a handy little graphic for everyone to use. Or not. So here you go, this is what Polar Vortex has done to my brain. Unfortunately the steam produced by working this hard did not melt any icicles. Sorry or your welcome, whichever you prefer. Continue Reading

Demoted from Cool Mom

Parker came home from school on Friday, handed me the laptop and asked me to find "What Does the Fox Say?".  I had heard rumors about this piece of music(?) but had managed to keep my head buried in the snow far enough to muffle the ear-bleeding sounds. We found a Kidz Bop version which led to ten more Kidz Bop versions of other songs he knew and I had vaguely heard of. I remember swinging my knee-socked legs in the back seat of one of the many really long cars we had growing up and rolling my eyes to the back of my head as my mom started the engine with Cool and the Gang singing through the speakers. She would change the station to "my music" before we picked up the rest of the Continue Reading

One small change

parenting change

Sometimes the kids and I have conversations about favorites. Favorite thing to do, favorite toy, favorite color... we discuss them all and regardless of the fact that the discussion typically ends with at least two of them arguing over who likes green more, I always hold my breath a little when they volunteer answers for me. Please, please, please don't say my cell phone. Please can the picture in your head of your mom not include me with a phone in my face. Usually I can exhale because they say my favorite thing to do is play Candyland or make dinner which is mildly delusional but I'll take it. I've been reading Hands Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do Continue Reading