Furby & Fijit

I’m not sure if it makes me feel nostalgic or just old that the toys I loved growing up and the fashion I wore are all coming back in style. The big glasses, the patterned jeans and I swear I spotted a teen in stirrup pants the other day that she was wearing for fashion, not because they had been sitting at Goodwill for 20 years.

It is sweet to see my kids playing with some of the toys I loved. My daughter covets everything Strawberry Shortcake and my son carries around my little brother’s old favorite, the Care Bear. Even some of my oldest daughter’s toys are making a comeback, like Furbys. I’m not really sure that I ever figured out how that thing worked, all I know is that she talked to it, it talked to her and when you’re a single mom with an only child, one more voice in the house is welcome. Even if it’s a talking fur ball.

In the spirit of all these toys coming back and all of you doing the Christmas shopping scramble just as I am, I’m giving a few away. I’m thrilled that CentsLess Deals gave me two fun toys to give away… a yellow Furby and a Fijit. This giveaway will be quick so that the prizes get to you by Christmas. One winner will win the yellow Furby and an additional winner will win the Fijit. There are lots of ways to enter but entries end at midnight on December 16 and it is open to continental US entrants only.

yellow furbyfijit


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I was given the Furby and Fijit from CentsLess Deals for the purpost of this giveaway. Affiliate links included